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WNC 2022

The biggest Nanotechnology Conference in Waterloo, this March.

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Discover Nanotechnology with the Industry's Biggest


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Let yourself dream, so you can later inspire.

See where the future of the Nanotechnology Industry is headed, and start imagining the opportunities.

See where you can fit in the industry, and hear about the most revolutionary developments happenning today.

What are you waiting for?

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Covid-19 Update

In light of ongoing developments regarding COVID-19, we want to emphasize our priority for the health and safety of our community, above all else.


As a result, this year’s conference will be hosted online. We remain driven to deliver a personal experience with our mission as a conference in mind. Amidst these uniquely challenging times, we wish to serve as a pillar of strength and unity for those affected. Look out for yourselves and each other, and stay tuned for WNC 2022.

Sending our best to you,

The WNC Team

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Previous Events

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Dr. Mathieu Luisier

The fifth-annual Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference hosted Dr. Eli Yablonovitch, a world-renowned researcher in photonics and optoelectronics from UC Berkeley, as well as Dr. Mathieu Luisier, professor of computational nanoelectronics from ETH Zurich. The two-day conference also featured panels, breakout talks, and a chance to network with leaders in research and industry.

The WNC was excited to collaborate with speakers from MIT, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Mirexus Biotechnologies, and Teledyne DALSA, among others, to host attendees ranging from high school students to renowned professors.


Stuart Shaklan and Max Mankin


Dr. Joanna Aizenberg 

The Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference was honored to host the prestigious Stuart Shaklan from NASA's Jet Propultion Laboratory, as well as Max Mankin, CTO of Modern Electron.

A panel and a series of breakout talks were also featured, presented by distinguished researchers and field leaders from the University of Montreal, the University of Toronto and the Univeristy of Waterloo.

In 2017, WNC had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Joanna Aizenberg from Harvard University and the Wyss Institute as our keynote speaker.

WNC was also privileged to provide a platform for many other representatives from IBM Canada, UC Berkeley, MIT ECCS, the National Research Council of Canada, UW's Institute for Quantum Computing, and many more. Thanks to all the speakers and participants who made WNC 2017 a big success!


Dr. Vladimir Bulovic and Dr. Steven Bloombergen

Dr. Mark Maclahlan


In 2016 the Waterloo Nanotechnology Conference was proud to host Dr Vladimir Bulović as both the conference keynote and a Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology Distinguished Lecture.

Also present were representatives from 3M, Validere, Angstrom Engineering, The Woodbridge Group, and an inspiring talk by
Dr. Steven Bloombergen.

The first-ever Waterloo Undergraduate Nanotechnology Conference (WUNC) was held at the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

The conference featured presentations and posters by researchers, graduate students, and industry members, at the cutting edge of nanotechnology.

It featured distinguished speakers such as
Dr. Mark Maclahlan and representatives from Xerox, Ecosynthetix, Christie Digital and more.

Hope you enjoyed Time Traveling :)

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