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Past Speakers

Meet the people who shape tomorrow's Story

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Robert Langer

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Edward Ted Sargent

Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology, University of Toronto

ali khademhosseini.jpg

Ali Khademhosseini

CEO and Founding Director, Terasaki Institute

marcie black.jpg

Marcie Black

CEO and Co-Founder, Advanced Silicon Group

will chueh.png

William Chueh

Associate Professor, Stanford University

sylvain gigan.png

Sylvain Gigan

Professor, Sorbonne Université

cao thang dinh.png

Cao Thang Dinh

Assistant Professor, Queen's University

amir sheikhi.jpg

Amir Sheikhi

Founding Director, Bio-soft Materials Laboratory at Penn State

stephanie simmons_edited.jpg

Stephanie Simmons

Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

heiner linke.jpg

Heiner Linke

Professor, Deputy dean at Faculty of Engineering, LTH

michael sefton.jpg

Michael Sefton

Professor, University of Toronto

evelyn allen.jpg

Evelyn Allen

CEO & Co-founder, Evercloak

samuel stupp.png

Samuel Stupp

Professor of Materials Science, Chemistry, and Medicine, Northwestern University

heather trajano.jpg

Heather Trajano

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

george tulevski.png

George Tulevski

Program Director, IBM's Research Frontiers Institute

shideh ameri.jpg

Shideh Ameri

Assistant Professor, Queen's University

soeren brandt.jpg

Soeren Brandt

Machine Learning Engineer, 1910 Genetics

leyla soleymani.jpg

Leyla Soleymani

Associate Professor, McMaster University

evelyn yim.jpg

Evelyn Yim

Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

qianshu wang.jpg

Qianshu Wang

Process Engineer, Avalon Holographics

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